An Alphabet of Business Questions and Tips

Last week I posted the following on my Facebook Business Page:

letters“I’m starting a new series called An Alphabet of Business Questions and Tips starting with A. What business question starting with the letter ‘A’ do you have?”

I was fortunate to receive 7 responses (and 7’s such an auspicious number!) And although they might not have been in the form of a question (you would have been buzzed if this had been the TV game show Jeopardy:), the words and phrases posed were spot on.

Bill Dorman started things off with the word accountability. I wanted to be sure that I read him right, so I looked up the definition of accountability: the state of being accountable (duh), liable or answerable. So I figured I better look up accountable. Definition: answerable, responsible, explainable (I didn’t even know explainable was a word!)

So if Bill was indicating (as I believe he was) that accountability is key in business, I would ask:

Accountable to what? Accountable to whom?

My take on this is that we often give tons of responsibility to people, without commensurate accountability. We give them jobs to do, tasks to perform that are their responsibility, but without accountability, it’s always “someone else’s fault” when the job doesn’t get done. Or we get the “that’s not my job” when we want them to be answerable for their actions.

What do you think accountability means in business? Does it mean instilling a sense of ownership in the person doing the job? Is it making people aware that the buck stops with them? What are your thoughts on this?

John Falchetto, my friend, Expat Life Coach and fellow Canadian living in the South of France provided the word “accounting“. And he said, although many “hate it”, it matters. I agree completely! Staying on top of your financials and accounting is paramount to success. And it isn’t about projections: it’s about cash flow.

Cash flow is King or Queen, as the case may be. You can do all the projections in the world, but it’s cash flow analysis that will keep you in business. Businesses who do not keep a finger on the pulse of their cash flow should be aware that the door will hit them in the butt as the “going out of business” sign goes up in the window. Check out this great article, “Basics of Accounting are Vital to Survival for Entrepreneurs” to see how a company can be profitable, but fail because it cannot pay the bills.

Ameena Falchetto, eternal expat and all-round awesome entrepreneur, wife and mom, gave me the word ‘aspirations‘.  The word ‘aspirations’ conjured up synonyms like goals, desires, aims and ambitions. It also means breath. How poetic and perfect in business: breathing life into goals, dreams and ambitions.

What goals and dreams will you breathe life into today?

Sandra Bilbray, awesome writer and kick-ass runner, provided the phrase ‘attitude and its impact on success‘. And since Sandra was the former Columns Editor for Success Magazine, I thought it only appropriate to direct you to this article, “Why your Attitude is Everything”. And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention “attitude is everything” WHEN you decide2do something with that attitude. It’s all about action!

And that segues perfectly into the statement made by Connie McKnight, a coach, teacher and leader making a difference every day. Connie said “Action is always required”  ‘Nuff said.

Sharon Denman, friend and mom of Kyle Miller, one of my favourite Lacrosse players that I had the pleasure of being athletic trainer for, posed a pointed question: ‘Altruism in big business. An oxymoron?‘  I looked up the definition of altruism, because I wanted to be sure I was accurate. Definition: “the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others (opposed to egoism)” Hmmmmmm…I think I’m going to leave that one to you, my readers, to bandy about.

But before I leave the concept of altruism, I want to make mention of a truly altruistic business. My friend Al is the founder of The CARE Movement, and he’s issued a challenge that demonstrates how passionately he practices the art of altruism. Check it out and take the challenge. And let me know what you think of Sharon’s question while you’re at it.

I’m ending this post with the wise words of my friend Janice Morton, friend and mom of two other “fave” laxxers (lacrosse players) who said: “AWESOME – to feel it and be told it

To all who submitted their “letter A” thoughts: you are AWESOME.

To all who read this: you are AWESOME.

To all who choose to comment or pass this along: you are AWESOME.

And it would be AWESOME if you’d let me know what you think about accountability, accounting, aspirations, attitude, action and altruism as they relate to success in business and in life.

  • John Falchetto

    Great post and this rocks Monday morning for entrepreneurs and business owners.
    Be held accountable, it’s the only way to make things happen.

    Ameena holds me accountable and she is the secret to my business success :)

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks John: I’m glad to rock a Monday morning:)

      I agree. As business coaches, one of the important things we do for our clients is hold them accountable. It’s not that people don’t know what to do: it’s that, without accountability, they often don’t DO to completion.

      What a lovely tribute to Ameena. Happy rockin’ Monday to you! Cheers! Kaarina

  • Ameena Falchetto

    Hey Kaarina! Great post! I love it! 

    Keep dreaming :) 

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks Ameena. I’m always dreaming and doing:) Cheers! kaarina

  • Anonymous

    No fair Fachetto, the time difference give you an unfair advantage.

    There were some good suggestions and I chose accountability because there seems to be such a lack of it at times. Your analogy was spot on in that you need to take responsibility for your own actions, do not pass the buck or place elsewhere.

    The only thing I would suggest is be careful looking these words up in the Canadian dictionary, they might have a different meaning…………just sayin’………..:).

    Excellent idea for a series, can’t wait until we get to the tougher scrabble words.

    Good morning, I’m off to see a client in Ft Myers and have lunch with one of my sons; hope you have a great day. 

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      You crack me up Bill. Yes, I will definitely bear in mind the “Canadian” dictionary definitions and spellings, haha!

      Adam’s already claimed X-ray for when we get to X: that should be interesting. And I, too, can’t wait for the tougher scrabble words.

      I’m putting out the call for “B” words next, so mind your p’s and q’s and start thinking “B”.

      Have a great day: enjoy lunch with your son.  One of my destination dreams is Sanibel Island so I can collect shells to my heart’s content. I will get there one day:) Cheers! Kaarina P.S. Awesome post over at Kim’s place today. The soft side of Billyboy…I liked it!

  • Al Smith

    Wow !  What a great post to kickoff a Monday.  So honored for the mention.  Love all the A’s.
    Sorry I missed commenting on this before.  Need to get on facebook more, I guess.  Thanks also for the Success magazine plug and article.  You too, Sandra.  I have that one in my favorite articles binder. Great stuff. 

    Positive Attitude Solutions is what we try and provide on a daily basis.  This article is exactly what we need to read. Your attitude towards life, people and your job, will have a profound effect on what happens every day.  It is not really about what life brings us, but the attitude we bring to life.  Thanks for the reminders.

    I just want to say that my “A” would be Appreciation.  Not because it’s the A in CARE, (ok, maybe) but because it is so important and lacking in todays society.  Especially in the workplace.  Praise and Appreciation cost nothing, but the benefits on morale of the individual and employees are priceless. Just a pat on the back works wonders.

     Having said that, I would like to tell you how much I Appreciate you and your ongoing support and encouragement.  I know you care, Kaarina. You truly are AWESOME !  You know I love using that word.  You put a smile on my face. Again. Today.  Also, thanks to all the other wonderful people you mentioned in the post.  Oh yeah.  And Bill.  Ha !

    Much Gratitude and Appreciation.


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I appreciate the Appreciation Al:) You’re doing such wonderful work, and I’m delighted to spread the word about it. I will always remember the time you took to leave a voicemail message on my answering machine, simply to connect. So thoughtful: so you.

      You are right: demonstrating appreciation is such a simple thing to do, and something that’s sorely lacking in many business settings. I started conjuring up a future blog post in my head this morning, to identify all the ways in which employees are under-appreciated, and how easy it would be to change that. You’ve inspired me to do that. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Life, for instance

    Oh my gosh Kaarina, who would have thought there would be so many great “A” words relating to success in business and in life!? I can’t choose one among them that feels more important than the others to me. But I do like “aspiration”, particularly as you define it as breathing life into something! It all starts there, for sure, with the inspiration and then the action you take to give it life. And it’s all about life and living more fully, isn’t it?
    I like this idea Kaarina. I’ll be watching with interest to see what words come with the other letters. I’m reserving an “F” word right now – no, not THAT word!  😮 FEELING! I’ll be back ;-)Lori

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I’ve got you down for “Feeling” Lori: you’ve got that word sewn up when I get to “F” (and I’m so glad it wasnt’ THAT word, haha!)

      I really love the image of aspiration…breathing life into dreams and goals. I’m sure there’s something I can write about that at a future date.

      Live fully my friend: I know you do. And I’ve got you down for “Feeling”. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Adam Toporek

    Okay, so you have to login to Facebook to play… uugghh. I might just have to wait for the blog posts. If you ever consider cross posting to G+, I’m there!

    I like combination of Bill’s and John’s. If you don’t pay attention to your Accounting it will hold you Accountable whether you like it or not.

    This is a great idea Kaarina! I am claiming “X-ray” right now for when you hit X.  :)

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Duly noted Adam: I’ve got you down for X-ray when I hit X…although I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work that into a post. Food for thought!

      If you teach me how to cross post to G+, I’ll be all over it! I tried to simply post this post this morning (how’s that for a mouthful) on G+, and couldn’t figure out how. I might have to add bamboozled to the “B” post, haha!

      I like your statement: “If you don’t pay attention to your Accounting it will hold you Accountable whether you like it or not.” Touche (and if anyone knows how to add the accent over the “e”, I’d like to learn that too) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Soulati

    What a creative idea and excellent suggestions. Had I  been more on the ball, I would’ve put in for “analytics.” The bane of my existence.

    Are you writing for B? Branding, Blogging and Babies!! Heh.

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Hey, you’re ahead of the game for the “B” words Jayme! Adam’s put dibs in for X ray (heaven only knows what I’ll do with that one when I get to it), I’ve got Lori down for “Feeling” when I get to “F”,  but next up is “B”, and I’ve got you down for Branding, Blogging and Babies.  Good call:)  Cheers! Kaarina

      And P.S. I’m gonna have to work in that “A” word…analytics…somehow. Maybe I’ll sneak it in with the B’s. Mwahahahaha

  • Erica Allison

    Great series and first post within it, Kaarina! I think accountability and action are key in business! We must be accountable to ourselves and to those we serve, whether it’s a board of directors, our clients, or our community, accountability and doing the right thing by them and ourselves is paramount.  Taking action is also one of my favorites. It’s great to dream up new ideas and the laundry list of reasons why we can’t accomplish them. How about we take action on just one step necessary to move those big ideas forward? That’s all it takes and once we do, once we take action towards our goals, it becomes habit and a hard one to break! :)

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Erica, I could not say it any better. One step at a time…one moment at a time. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Betsy Cross

    I think of Stephen Covey and his story in “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. The story about his son’s job to keep their home’s yard “green and clean”. When Stephen saw that his son wasn’t performing he adjusted his training of him from telling to showing, asking his son if he understood the expectations of his job. Once it had been established that they were both on the same page, Stephen could ask him how he was doing with what he’d promised to do. I think a lot of problems occur when there is poor comunication from the start. When people really aren’t sure what they’ve been hired to do, or worse, a boss not understanding his/her role in holding people accountable with frequent mini interviews.

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      That’s a great story to share Betsy.

      Quite often, performance doesn’t meet expectation because expectations have not been made clear. And especially since adult learners do best by doing…not hearing or watching…we’re experiential learners…it’s important to let people “do” things, and then correct and adjust behaviour along the way.

      So many of those “mini interviews” could be avoided if people were clear from the outset: both the person performing the tasks, and the person “evaluating”. Thanks! Kaarina

  • Erin Feldman

    Such great words! Accountability. In my world, I’m mostly accountable unto myself and my clients. I’m also thinking about how that word can apply to the things for which I will and will not stand. I suppose I’m thinking along those lines because I had to be tough today. 

    Aspirations. I think that’s my favorite word from your post. It just…sounds nice. It’s the writer in me. She’s a sucker for lovely sounding words. Aspirations. It sounds like a breath, or the hope that you inhale, then exhale. Of course, aspirations don’t do much good if they aren’t solidified by the right attitude and actions. 

    I think the only two words I didn’t cover are accounting and altruism. Accounting is important. I think altruism is, too, at least in the sense of putting others before myself. Again, I can only do that up to a certain point. I will burn my business to the ground if I’m too altruistic, if such a thing is possible.

    I would like to call “etiquette” for “e” and “writing” for “w.” I’ll have to keep thinking of words that start with “b.”

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I’ve got you down for “Etiquette” and “Writing” when I get to “E” and “W” respectively. And I wish you much inspiration for the tough day you say you’ve had. Remember…this too shall pass, whatever the challenges you faced today. Cheers! Kaarina

      • Erin Feldman

        Thanks, Kaarina. My “tough” day mostly meant I had to be tough and say enough is enough. It’s a good learning experience. I’m sure I’m going to have to stand firm in the future. :)

        • Kaarina Dillabough

          Ah well, standing firm for your principles, for what is right and for knowing when to “cut bait” is always good. Good for you!

  • Sharon Denman

    The opposite of “altruism” would be statements recently uttered by business tycoon Kevin O’Leary from Dragon’s Den, who says that there’s no room in business for being nice. “I’m in it to make money, not make friends.” Can’t there be a balance of both? Nice spot, Kaarina!

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks so much Sharon, for providing inspiration and words for this post, and for chiming in. I appreciate it! Cheers! Kaarina

  • The JackB

    We are all accountable to ourselves but this is something that is often forgotten.

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      So true Jack! Cheers! Kaarina

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kaarina…this is a such a great idea. The “A” word that stands out for me is accountability…the lack of accountability in both the business world and personal world is a pet peeve of mine. I also really find the word aspirations motivating and inspirational.

    Thanks for a fun and interesting post, Kaarina.


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Great to see you here Claudia:) It seems like accountability is the word most people are keying on, and I can understand why. Without accountability, things often don’t get done.

      And I too like aspirations…I like the image of breathing our goals and dreams. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Craig McBreen

    Hi Kaarina,

    Accountability is the big one. Being held accountable for the quality of your service and your activities. Being direct and honest. Simply doing the right thing and accepting responsibility for what happens, good or bad. We’ve all dealt with that person who wants to evade responsibility by passing it on to anyone but them. Buck passing with the best of them. 

    Plus you absolutely, most definitely need an accountability parter. Like John, my wife is my accountability partner, and man does she know how to push :) 

    By the way, Lacrosse is finally coming on strong here is Seattle. I grew up on the east coast and played it in high school. My favorite sport when I was a young lad. Anyway my 11-year-old son just decided to sign up and wants to learn before spring, so I’ll have to buy a new stick and see if the old man still has it :)

    Thanks, Kaarina.

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Ah, it’ll be like riding a bike Craig. Once you’ve had that lax stick in your hands, it’s there forever:) I had the privilege of being the Trainer for the Canadian team to the Brogden Cup in Florida a few years back (too bad I didn’t know you then @bdorman264:disqus …I could’ve brought the boys by:), and I’ve travelled with many teams. Box lacrosse is the big sport here in Canada, whereas field lacrosse is big in the States. Both are great sports!

      Accountability is so important, and to oneself. Buck passing is something no one should do, in business or in life. Cheers! Kaarina

      • Craig McBreen

        We shall see :) I forgot you play it box-style in the great white north, otherwise the players would probably be sporting long underwear and wool face masks.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Kaarina,

    That’s a really great and creative post. When I started reading I also started thinking about a series of novels that all started with a letter, the first was a for … the second b for … I can’t remember the name of the author, but I read a few of the books and they were awesome :)

    As I read your post my only word, and an important word it is, was action… unfortunately it was taken. To me, taking action is what many people don’t do and it’s one of the biggest reasons why they’re not successful.


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Action is the powerful word and the act that creates results, that’s for sure Jens. There are many people who think up great ideas, talk about the wonderful things they could do, but simply don’t take the first step towards results.

      I’ve never heard of those novels, but that would be interesting to find out. @ErinFeldman:disqus also mentioned a children’s game that would get played on long road trips in a car.

      One child would say, “I’m packing my suitcase and I’m putting in…” and the child would put in an object starting with the letter “a”. The next person would say, “I’m packing my suitcase and I’m putting in (the item that started with “a”), and then add a “b” item…and so on, and so on. A great memory game. The person who couldn’t rhyme off all the sequential items would be “out”. Did you ever play that game?
      Hmmm…that puts me in mind of a future post:) Cheers! Kaarina

      • Jens P. Berget

        I finally remembered her name, Sue Grafton. The first one is called A is for Alibi, the second is B is for Burglar etc.. I’ve read a few and they’re quite good.

        • Kaarina Dillabough

          I will be looking into that:) Thanks! Kaarina

  • Jen Olney

    Accountable. My favorite, Kaarina. This word defines so much in my own life as well as others whom I’ve had a the pleasure to know. What a great blog and the suggestions has been tremendous.  I also like Adaptable for an “A” word. I think we need to adapt to our changes in our business and our lives. It keeps us in tune to our client’s needs as well as our own. For “B” Bliss, Bold, Brave…these sum up some great words I like to use as well. What an outstanding blog. Thank you for this incentive. Cheers!

  • Jen Olney

    Accountable. My favorite, Kaarina. This word defines so much in my own life as well as others whom I’ve had a the pleasure to know. What a great blog and the suggestions has been tremendous.  I also like Adaptable for an “A” word. I think we need to adapt to our changes in our business and our lives. It keeps us in tune to our client’s needs as well as our own. For “B” Bliss, Bold, Brave…these sum up some great words I like to use as well. What an outstanding blog. Thank you for this incentive. Cheers!

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I now have you down for “bliss, bold, brave” for the next letter in the series: thanks!

      Accountable and accountability seem to be rising to the top as #1 fave “A” words. I wonder what will happen with “B”? Next week, we’ll see!

      Love your word “adaptable”…if we don’t adapt to change, we’re sure to become dinosaurs. Thanks for your very kind comments:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I now have you down for “bliss, bold, brave” for the next letter in the series: thanks!

      Accountable and accountability seem to be rising to the top as #1 fave “A” words. I wonder what will happen with “B”? Next week, we’ll see!

      Love your word “adaptable”…if we don’t adapt to change, we’re sure to become dinosaurs. Thanks for your very kind comments:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Connie McKnight


    That was AWESOME!

    I’ve been discussing accountability a lot lately. I believe encouraging people to take ownership and know that the buck does stop with them is so important. If we are accountable to ourselves, we’ll take ownership of the project and step up to the plate. When you take that accountability away from a manager, their attitude changes, and they seem to take on a child-like attitude. I’ve watched this happen recently, and grown men start acting like children.


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Grown men acting like children?…say it isn’t so:) You’ve added to the “accountability” vote…seems to be the most popular “a” word. Glad you liked the post:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Stan Faryna


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Stan, I will head right over to read that:) Thanks for your comment, and I like your statement, “Answers should not be assumptions or easy.”

      I always say: beware anyone who says they have THE answer. For every question, problem or challenge there are many possible answers.

      The letter “B” will be up next week, so any “B” words (or any other letter of the alphabet for that matter), just let me know and I’ll be including them. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Ruth Zive

    I’m visiting for the first time, and I really enjoyed that post!  Accountability probably would have been mine as well – or along the same lines, Action.  Moving beyond ideas and theory is the true test of an entrepreneurial notion.  I always wanted to be a freelance writer; I fancied myself a writer, but it wasn’t until I took ACTION, and held myself ACCOUNTABLE to my dream (quit my job, rolled up my sleeves and started hustling) did the dream become a reality.  I can’t wait for B!

    • Jens P. Berget

      It’s great to see you here Ruth. I have just started reading Kaarina’s blog and it’s just brilliant :)

      • Kaarina Dillabough

        Thanks so much for that lovely compliment Jens. And it’s thanks to you that I now have gotten to connect with you, and meet Ruth. Ah, the online world’s a wonderful place:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks Ruth: “B” is shaping up to have quite a few interesting words. Anyone who wants to jump ahead and start providing “C” and “D” words…I only have one so far!

      I, too, just visited your site for the first time, and it’s thanks to @berget:disqus  and your Guest Post on his site that I’ve now met you. And isn’t that what social media’s all about?

      Good for you for taking Action and holding yourself Accountable: dreams become reality when we decide2do..then DO. Cheers!  Kaarina P.S. I’m curious as to where in Canada you live. I’m in Ontario. (If you don’t want to share publicly, you could message me:)

  • Adrienne Smith

    Ah, I can relate to what Bill put out there Kaarina.  That word accountability.  When I was in the workplace everyone was always so quick to point the finger as to why something didn’t get done.  That’s a great one to start off with.

    Accounting is definitely important as John pointed out.  I never realized how much until one of the companies I was with filed bankruptcy and released everyone but me and the CPA.  I had to learn how to do accounting and it was a big wake up call for me.  I finally understood how things worked and why they were always giving everyone a hard time to get things in before the end of the month.

    Sandra is right, attitude is everything.  Without having the right attitude, we could never get anywhere in life and then Connie following that up with taking action.  I’m a big believer in knowing that you have to have the right attitude in order to move toward your goals but you have to take consistent action in order to achieve them. 

    I’ll end my comment by saying AWESOME Kaarina.  Loved it!  :-)

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks so much Adrienne! Now…any ideas for “C” and “D”? B’s already getting pretty filled up!

      It’s interesting that so many comments put accountability as top priority. As a business/life coach, much of what I do is to act as an accountability partner, so it’s definitely a priority for the people I work with.

      Attitude is so important, but without action…well, it’s all just a pipe dream.

      Thanks Adrienne: I loved your post today…so full of gifts! Thanks. Kaarina

  • Justin

    Hi Kaarina,

    I really like what you said about being accountable. If you have employees and don’t have some sort of accountability standard then what is to keep them on point unless they are somehow already self accountable on their own?

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Spot on Justin. Being accountable to and for oneself is so very important. Great to see you here: hope you’ll drop by again:) The welcome mat’s always out. Cheers! Kaarina P.S. heading over to your blog now:)

  • Alicia Jay

    Hey Kaarina!

    I love this concept for your post! “Attitude” is the one that’s sticking with me today as I read this. Attitude is important for everyone but it can make or break those of us who are solopreneurs.  You are often your own cheering section and pat on the back. We all have bad days and bad things will happen. However, it’s how we choose to act or react to these situations that truly makes us. It’s all about the “attitude” we have each and every day!

    Here’s a quote I keep hanging above my desk. Bear with me as it’s a little long:
    “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than educations, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think, or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company…a church…a home. The remarkable thing is that we have a choice every day regarding the attitude that we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act a certain way. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And, so it is with you. We are in charge of attitudes.”
                                                                                                         –Charles Swindall

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Alicia, thanks so much for sharing that wonderful quote: I’m going to add that to my Book of Smiles. (hmmm…perhaps I’ll write a post about a Book of Smiles…you’ve prompted an idea!)

      I agree that attitude, like thoughts, is completely within our control. When we project an attitude of confidence, capability and caring, it’s amazing what gets accomplished! Attitude, amazing, accomplished…more “a” words! Get ready for B next week. Cheers! Kaarina

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  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Awesome is perfect. I agree with all of the A list, but awesome is what describes this post best! 

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks Carolyn: Stay tuned for “B”:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Mouh

    What a great idea!An alphabet of business questions and tips. You’ll never run out of ideas! It is hard to come up with useful posts every time.  But I guess you have plenty to write about now.  You’ll have a busy year. 😀


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I will indeed Mouh! I’m all ready for “B”, but woefully lacking “C” and “D” words. If you have any suggestions, please send them along. Thanks for dropping by and commenting: LOVE the free graphics you provided…so kind of you. Cheers! Kaarina

      • Mouh

        Glad you like the graphics, Kaarina! 😀

        • Kaarina Dillabough

          Definitely! And I love your spirit and kindness for sharing them.