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A Blogging Experiment – The Winter of Her Life

The Winter of Her Life

Today, I posted this photo on twitter, saying it begged a caption or a story. A few minutes later I thought…what story would I tell about this photo I’d taken? In moments, the words and images came to me in a flood: so fast that I could barely keep up with my thoughts. And then…

Have You Let What You Do Define You?

Have You Let What You Do Define You?

CEO Entrepreneur Father/Mother/Sister/Brother Doctor/Lawyer/Real Estate Agent/Marketer/Web Designer All of these titles define what someone does. Is your title defining you? Worse still, are you allowing “categories” to define you, like “straight A student”, “over (or under) achiever”, “lazy”…well, you get the gist. When we define ourselves by what we do, or accept categorization by others,…

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

square peg round hole

I was talking to someone the other day who was lamenting the fact that they just didn’t “fit in”. My question was: why did they feel they didn’t fit in, and why did they feel a need to fit in? Every day we’re faced with decisions about where and why we want to fit in….