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A Son, A Mom and An Online Community’s Rally

Proud mom and son

It’s been one month since my last post. One.whole.month. My previous post was about the fork in the road I was standing at. I was provided with wonderful suggestions on where-to-from-here, and although there was no clear cut “answer”, your comments settled like a feather on grass…tilting, twirling, sticking and finally freeing itself from the…

What’s your Why for Being Online?

What's your Why for Being Online?

It’s been just over a month since my last post. It’s been a time of stepping back and sitting out. Watching with different eyes the goings-on online. I feel like I’ve been a student of this wild and crazy online world for three years now. Soaking up information, but wondering sometimes if that knowledge was…

What Can I Do With My Life Today?

What Can I Do With My Life Today?

The moment I open my eyes each morning, this is the question I ask myself: What can I do with my life today? This question goes beyond goal and priority setting. That’s something I do each evening before I go to bed. I identify the top 3 to 5 priorities for the next day, plug…