I’m Guest Posting Over at Bill’s

on vacationIf you’ve landed here today, I’d love it if you’d head over to  Bill Dorman’s where I’m apparently his first “ghost”.

That’s right: Bill asked me to do a guest post for him, and I was happy to oblige:)

My post’s entitled “Life as a Splendid Torch” and I share some thoughts and questions on how to burn brightly in all that you do, and how to share the shine so others shine too!

Are you burning brightly?  Are your actions matching your dreams, wishes and goals?  Come on over to Bill’s and join us for the discussion.

I hope to see you over there: the welcome mat’s always out there too!

  • http://hajrak.blogspot.com Hajra

    Loveliest “ghost” ever!

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      Hajra, I’m blushing:)  Thanks, my friend.

  • http://billdorman.wordpress.com Bill Dorman

    Sweet, love the photo…………see, my problem is if I’m going to write something that good I would want to keep it. You did good girl…………

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      Ah, but I was just shining my torch beyond my own “neighbourhood”.  I’m smilin’ ear to ear with the responses and comments, and I’m honoured (yeah, did you see that?) to have been your first ‘ghost’

  • http://twitter.com/TranscripESvcs Alicia M. Jay

    Awesome post at Bill’s! It finally got me to stop by and see you here–which I’ve been meaning to do for a while:)

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      That’s so great to hear, Alicia!  A double hit:)  I hope you’ll keep dropping by this neighbourhood.  Now following you on Twitter, and look forward to getting to know you.  Cheers!  Kaarina

  • http://vizsource.info/ Kim Davies

    You are the best ghost I know, Kaarina. :)

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      Just call me Casper:)

  • http://www.expatlifecoach.com/blog John Falchetto

    Ok, so I am off to Bill’s. Love the photo did @a76049f6a32a1e633a732b81bafb98c9:disqus ill send this over when you guest posted?

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      I told Bill this was what I was going to do when I finished his post, haha:)  Hope you enjoy it John.

  • http://www.unlockthedoor.net Stuart Mills

    Ha ha, if your picture here reveals what happens once you write for Bill Dorman, then I’m gonna pester him to get my post published as soon as possible!

    See you over at Bill’s house :-)

    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      Pester away!  Cheers!  Kaarina

  • Al Smith

    Just started following you.  Luv what I have read so far.  Great “Ghost Post” at Bill’s.


    • http://www.kaarinadillabough.com Kaarina Dillabough

      Thanks Al:) Just did the same. Glad you liked my ghostpost, and hope you’ll drop by this neighbourhood regularly.  Heading over to your place at http://www.changeurattitude.com/ later today:)  Cheers!  Kaarina