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Do you accept or expect?


I had an interesting conversation with someone recently: one that opened the door to my eyes as to why some people are continually disappointed with their results. And it has to do with the concepts of acceptance and expectation. The word “acceptance” refers to receiving, agreeing and consenting to. The word “expectation” refers to looking…

An Alphabet of Business Questions and Tips


Last week I posted the following on my Facebook Business Page: “I’m starting a new series called An Alphabet of Business Questions and Tips starting with A. What business question starting with the letter ‘A’ do you have?” I was fortunate to receive 7 responses (and 7’s such an auspicious number!) And although they might…

5 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals


We complicate things…yes, we often make things far more complicated than they really are. And what with the burgeoning amount of information, opportunity, challenge and choice that we have available to us, it’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and only a super-hero could accomplish it all. In actual fact,…