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7 Signs you may need a Social Media Straitjacket, or Are You Drowning in tmi?


“Step away from the computer”…said in my best Sgt. Joe Friday voice. I’ve stepped away for a few days now, and what I’ve learned is this: there comes a time to quit scouring and scooping and scrounging for more information, and say “Enough is enough.” Online is like the never-ending story, or like an onion….

What running has taught me about business focus

step by step

When I was out running yesterday, I realized something. When I looked straight down at my feet, I observed things like: a discarded pop-top tab a weed sprouting from the gravel small dips and gulleys a large stone These were all, in one way or another, bits of litter, small obstacles or things that didn’t…

Business Lessons from a 10 year old

Happy Salesman

Yesterday when I was out weeding my gardens, a young lad road up the driveway on his bike and said: “I haven’t seen you around here before.” As I suppressed a smile, I indicated we’d lived in the neighbourhood for many years: perhaps our paths just hadn’t crossed. “Do you have a dog?” he asked….