A slice of chic in a sea of grey

By December 14, 2015August 29th, 2017Songs Of A Subway

A slice of chic

It was as if a movie star had entered the train. All eyes look furtively toward her, then quickly avert. Time seems to rewind.

Crisp emerald green sweater, black wide-rimmed hat with impeccably turned up rim, huge black sunglasses, perfect necklace on that swanlike neck, white linen dress, Chanel shoes and opaque stockings.

Does anyone wear opaque stockings any more?

She was a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany’s caught in a time warp. It caused me to wonder where her Bentley and chauffeur could possibly be.

She was a bit of sea-green anemone floating through the car full of grey. Wondrously out of place. It caused me to smile her way, which caused her to dip her sunglasses down and cast a wink and a smile back at me. Ah, the unexpected moments on the train.