Loud voices

By December 6, 2015August 29th, 2017Songs Of A Subway


Subway trains

The train rolled into the station and the crowd jostled onto the cars.

I noticed her immediately.

She wore a bulky black coat, turquoise pants and bright red shoes

Her hair was a soft halo of white, and delicate gold earrings hung like drops of rain from her ears.

Her accent was thick and indecipherable to me: guttural and loud.

Her friend was the more animated of the two, speaking assertively and negatively about a mutual friend who’d be in the rest home “until she dies”.

These two women behaved as if in a world of their own.

It seemed strange that a conversation of such specific personal detail would unfold in such a public place.

Loud voices. Sharing intimate details. On the subway.

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