So Many Things

So Many Things

So many things.

People carry so many things onto the train, then have to find room for them amidst the bustle of humanity.

Overflowing plastic bags with those handles that cut into your hands.

Overstuffed back packs, shopping bags and soft-sided briefcases.

Purses and books and bikes and plastic containers full of coleslaw or salad or casserole.

Skateboards and bikes, strollers and umbrellas.

Newspapers and coffee cups.

The gentleman who looks only at the ground has with him a sleeping bag and large box. Perhaps his worldly possessions are in that box.

A student juggles an armload of hardcover books while his buddy smiles at the spectacle.

So many things.

I can only imagine what the Lost and Found looks like.

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  • Monica Lobenstein

    What a beautifully simple reminder to simplify when on the go! At least that’s how I’m taking it. 🙂

  • I’m with Monica, especially now as I pack my life into a 10×10 room. Why do I need all this STUFF??? Answer: I probably don’t. Simplify!

    My philosophy on traveling – even though I admittedly try to take the kitchen sink – is that there are a few non-negotiables. I need my phone and my laptop, my ID and an ATM card. Everything else can be bought or done without!

    I imagine that lost and found is a little like a treasure chest 🙂

    • I think perhaps I should find a Lost and Found and create a story based on what I find there. Happy trails my friend!

  • Something to ponder over, for sure!

    Most of us humans have lives (and homes) filled with too much stuff and too many things. Makes me think about our pets whose needs are so minimal … and yet they lead wonderful, carefree, uncluttered, happy lives. 😉

    • I’m a perennial purger. I ask myself 3 questions: do I use it? do I need it? do I love it? Based on the answers, it become quite easy to determine what stays and what goes. Here’s to carefree, uncluttered happy lives 🙂