So Many Things

By August 7, 2016September 30th, 2016Songs Of A Subway

So Many Things

So many things.

People carry so many things onto the train, then have to find room for them amidst the bustle of humanity.

Overflowing plastic bags with those handles that cut into your hands.

Overstuffed back packs, shopping bags and soft-sided briefcases.

Purses and books and bikes and plastic containers full of coleslaw or salad or casserole.

Skateboards and bikes, strollers and umbrellas.

Newspapers and coffee cups.

The gentleman who looks only at the ground has with him a sleeping bag and large box. Perhaps his worldly possessions are in that box.

A student juggles an armload of hardcover books while his buddy smiles at the spectacle.

So many things.

I can only imagine what the Lost and Found looks like.

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