The world flashes by

By February 6, 2016October 2nd, 2016Songs Of A Subway
passenger world flashes

passenger world flashes
She looked so sad, staring out the window.

What thoughts were passing through her mind as the world whizzed by?

Was she here, in this subway car, or somewhere else, far beyond the reaches of the noise and movement of the train?

Someone’s music was playing loudly through their earbuds, audible to those around.

The melodic voice of an unseen announcer regularly broke through the rumble of the rails, announcing each new stop. Old Mill. Jane. Runnymede. High Park.

Bodies out. Bodies in.

The ebb and flow of life on the train, in the city, on the planet, in the universe.

In breath, in breathing, in living, in being, in seeing, in sensing, in now.

Was she here now?

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