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I sometimes wonder if I should have been born in a different time. A time when things moved at a more leisurely pace. When sitting and savoring, exploring for the sole purpose of exploring and slowing down to speed up was more appreciated and more valued. I think of myself as a Renaissance woman living in a digital age.

kaarina jumping in the rain

Although I appreciate, respect and use the tools of this fast-paced modern world, my heart sings more joyously when I partake in the simple pleasures of life.

Simple things like:

Finding a beautiful book in a vintage bookstore.

Capturing fleeting moments in time through my photography.

Pondering things that need not make sense or follow rules, like how do snowflakes fall or why does it feel so good to jump in puddles and dance in the rain?

kaarina olympics

I always thought I’d be a phys. ed. teacher. But the path I chose took me into an even more exciting place: coaching elite, world and Olympic athletes.

Neither of my sons have ever asked me much about my Olympic and World Championship experiences, although they have a vague awareness that I’ve performed at the ’76 Olympics, been President of the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastic Federation, coached an Olympic Gold medalist and been a TV colour commentator at the 1984 Olympics.

Those were heady days, filled with competitions, travel, cultural experiences, stress and fun!

After the Olympic Games, someone said to me: “You know what you do for athletes, business could really use.”

Ping! Lightbulb.

kaarina announcers

I started offering my coaching services to business owners – for free. And in no time at all, I realized there was an unfulfilled niche: helping people – in particular business owners – to be the best they could be, in business and in life.

I’ve done that for 30 years now. And it’s been quite a ride. I’ve loved the people I’ve worked with. I’ve seen people grow and prosper. I’ve been with them through the ups and downs of their business and their lives. I’ve seen them through devastating loss and amazing gain, helped them realize their dreams and goals, and been the tough task master, mirror, mentor and muse.

I think of myself as a wayfinding wayfarer. And my travels and experience have brought me to this place.

A place for me to share with you and bring to you the next steps on my journey as we wander, think, dream, do, create, explore and adventure together.

A (Short) List Of Things I Love

  1. Clouds
  2. The smell of new mown grass
  3. Cheese and pickles
  4. Rosy cheeks
  5. Soft cozy blankets
  6. Anything Canadian
  7. Books…lots and lots of books
  8. Laughter
  9. Christmas
  10. Antiques
  11. Finding that special something for someone special
  12. Vintage postcards
  13. The feel of cashmere and angora
  14. Rocks
  15. Seashells
  16. Jumping in puddles
  17. Dancingdance
  18. Single malt scotch
  19. Taking photos
  20. Candles
  21. Writing
  22. Hiking
  23. Blank journals that I fill to the brim, writing longhand
  24. the Beatles
  25. Vinyl records
  26. Trees
  27. Antique auctions
  28. Fresh cut flowers year-round
  29. Autumn
  30. Driving or hiking with no particular destination in mind
  31. The Jane Austen Book Club, Sliding Doors, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Way and Rear Window movies
  32. The smell of simmering cinnamon, apples and nutmeg
  33. Watercolour painting
  34. Doodling. I’m always doodling.doodle
  35.  Helping
  36. Learning new things
  37. Jewellery (way too much)
  38. Playing
  39. Champagne and strawberries
  40. Toques and mittensmittens
  41. White sand beaches
  42. Butterflies
  43. A crackling fire in the fireplace
  44. Dewdrops
  45. Pure maple syrup and sugar on snow
  46. Chenille socks instead of slippers
  47. Singing along to music in the car
  48. Working hard physicallyworking
  49. Holding hands
  50. Hugs
  51. Big wristwatches (I own too many. Not because I like to know the time, but because I like how they look)
  52. Vintage keys
  53. Hearts and heart-shaped objects
  54. Maple leaves
  55. Pennies. We no longer have them in Canada
  56. Holding the door open for someone
  57. Wrapping myself in fresh-from-the-dryer warm sheets
  58. My son’s college sweatshirt that goes practically to my knees
  59. The songs “Dizzy” and “Build me up Buttercup”
  60. Niagara Fallsniagra falls
  61. Pomegranates (especially now that I know how to get the seeds out easypeasy)
  62. Brightening someone’s day
  63. Softly falling snow
  64. Strolling through kitschy souvenir shops in distant locations
  65. The stillness of a star lit night
  66. Running with my running buddy
  67. Down comforters
  68. Wind chimes
  69. Roasted chestnuts and tangerines at Christmas time
  70. Writing letters and cards
  71. Wine
  72. Lavender
  73. Muskoka chairs
  74. Olympic Games
  75. Pink lemonade
  76. Hoarfrosthoarfrost
  77. Pinky and the Brain
  78. My collection of Olympic pins and memorabilia
  79. Unexpected things in unexpected places
  80. My gardens
  81. Looking at the moon
  82. My ridiculously huge collection of Santas
  83. Hummus
  84. The Wizard of Oz
  85. The frothy seeds that sprout from an exploded milkweed pod
  86. Hot air balloons
  87. Lily of the Valley
  88. Flow blueflow blue
  89. Making Finnish pancakes for my boys
  90. Sauna
  91. Crisp salad with walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese
  92. Snowshoes
  93. Sunshine sparkling off a flowing river
  94. Finding a bird’s nest nestled in one of our trees
  95. My red wellie boots
  96. Coaching
  97. My crazy collection of nic nacs
  98. Drinking water from the hose
  99. My lifemy life