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Broken Pieces and Wabi-Sabi

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I collect antiques. I love things old and vintage, especially since they often express themselves in a wabi sabi way…perfection in imperfection.

I love the dents and nicks, marks and wear that vintage items possess.

I imagine what each piece might have experienced, endured and triumphed through.

I never lose pleasure in taking a closer look at a piece, feeling its texture and smiling at its imagined story.

The other day, when I was being quite mindless, I smacked one of my flow blue dishes to the floor accidentally, and CRASH!!!…it broke into bits.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling particularly prickly about all the hype around visualization, affirmation, “secret” tips and the whole see-it-and-it-will-happen premise that abounds.

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