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1909 Quite a Year!

Dear Susan,

Well, 1909 has been quite a year my friend, with two noteworthy events I thought I would share with you. Well actually three, if you count the most recent event.

There was a¬†fire at the legislative library this past September that destroyed over 100,000 books and public records. Such a tragedy, especially since many people say the firefighters were late to the scene. Lots of finger pointing about that. At least it wasn’t devastating like the one that destroyed our downtown five years back.

On a positive note our University of Toronto rugby football team won the first-ever Grey Cup this month! I’m not much of a football fan, but I couldn’t help but get swept up in the city’s football fever and celebrations. It was a lovely highlight to 1909.

As we move into 1910 I wonder what will be in store for us.

I look forward to ice skating at grenadier pond, visiting the zoo when the weather clears and of course, spending each Sunday at St. Andrews. I’m in particular need of solace right now.

You live so far away and I can only wish that you will come to visit in the new year, especially since I’ve recently broken up with my beau, and am feeling quite forlorn and sorry for myself.

I know this letter might¬†arrive long after my postcard reaches you, but we shall see. I’m off to post both now.

Fondly, Leona

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