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The 23 Skidoo Ultimatum

By October 16, 2016October 20th, 2016Postcard Vignettes
postcard photo

postcard photoI think I must give Ada an ultimatum.

I’ve now written twice to her, with no response.

When we last met I thought things were headed in the right direction. We sat all cozy at the movie theatre watching “A Trip Down Market Street”. I whispered to her, “one day we will go to San Francisco”. We held hands as I walked her home. She shyly kissed me on the cheek as we said goodnight.

I walked back to my hotel light as a feather, floating on a cloud.

So why doesn’t she write back to me?

This postcard will say it all.

The spoony looking couple will maybe make her think: “This could be CD and me.”

And with my 23 skidoo at the end, she’ll know I mean business.

If I don’t hear from her this time, I’ll get out while the getting’s good.

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