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A Box of Nougats

I felt quite badly that I couldn’t make it to see Nina. She gets so upset when promises made are unkept. But I’m sure she’ll console herself with a box of Whitman’s Super Extra Honey White Nougats.

I can just imagine her sitting in her favourite chair – the one with the blue and pink flowers – a box of Whitman’s by her side, grumbling to herself that yet again I’ve not fulfilled my promise.

I will implore Marrion to write a note of explanation. She’s good at that.

Unlike me, Marrion will be able to word things perfectly so my absence appears more reasonable and forgivable.

After all, it will now be months before I’ll be able to make the trek to Nina’s…if at all.

Perhaps I’ll get Marrion to include a box of Whitman’s with the note. A peace offering. Or maybe a final farewell.

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