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By November 14, 2015August 29th, 2017Postcard Vignettes

The postcard came, unbidden and unwelcome. Who did Babe think she was anyway? As if a paltry sum sent by money order could in any way repair the damage done. And of course, the “let me know immediately” part…so Babe. Always demanding. Always controlling.

babe postcard

babe postcard text

My sister always was the one in charge. Dictating my life with her demands and commands. Pretending to look out for my best interests, all the while motivated by the glee of control.

Babe loved to give with one hand and take with the other. Nothing was ever given freely. There was always a price to pay.

When I didn’t smile enough, show gratitude sufficiently or compliment her profusely, Babe would shoot a glare that would melt an iceberg. Or if standing close enough, she would squeeze her fingernails into my arm until crescent moon indentations appeared.

But of course, she was always the favored child. Deep auburn hair, chestnut eyes, perfect posture and a smile both wicked and wonderful.

No Babe, I will not let you know immediately.

I smile as I drop her postcard into the waste bin.

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