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Before the Great War

Annie will be so impressed when she sees my new Chalmers 24 automobile. And she’ll be even more impressed when she gets to ride in it. The deep tufted leather seats are a dream. I draw stares and ooh’s and ah’s wherever I go. And even though this model has electric lamps, I’m hesitant to drive it in the dark.

I’ll take her to Sunnyside Park which I’m sure will be crowded, but I know we’ll have a splendid time. There’s sure to be lemonade and ices to enjoy lakeside.

I don’t believe Annie will understand why I’m sending a postcard with the Queen’s Own Rifles on it, but she’s sure to see its significance when I explain it to her. The unrest overseas may seem far away, but I fear our own boys will soon be called upon to serve in some way. And it’s likely that some seen in this postcard will be among them. But for now we will enjoy the open roads and keep faith that rumblings of war remain far from our shores. For now I’ll pop this postcard off in the mail, shine my automobile to a sparkling shine and be ready to hit the road on Sunday.

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