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Best Not To Tempt Fate

I could have written so much more, but I simply had to tell Winnifred that her absence has not made my heart grow fonder.

I was serious when I said I didn’t believe I’d know her if I saw her, but that was stretching the truth a tad.

I teased her that with Belle going away, I simply wouldn’t be able to rendezvous as we’d done so many times in the past.

Scandalous? Yes. But a tryst was to be pursued, not ignored.

Belle does not suspect a thing. That’s why my correspondence always refers to “we”, rather than “me”.

I was reading the Toronto World newspaper the other day, and came across an ad in the classified’s that read: * “My wife, Elizabeth Stephen having left my bed and board, I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by her.”

Would Belle say the same of me if the shoe were on the other foot?

Best not to tempt fate, Miss Woods.

*from September 19, 1908 edition of the Toronto World newspaper

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