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Boils, Chilblains and Piles, Oh My

By July 23, 2016September 30th, 2016Postcard Vignettes

Elkhart RiverDear Harold,

Who would have thought that Elkhart would be such a fine place to visit with so many things to see and do?

When we checked in to the Bucklen Hotel, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many beautiful things in the lobby, and so lucky to get a room on the American plan for just $2.50 a day, including a meal! And imagine…a bath right in the room. I’m giddy with excitement, because we’re also going to the Opera House next door this evening.

Earlier today we did our sightseeing and took in the Conn Musical Instruments plant. The beauty of these instruments is something to behold. And when we stopped by Schult’s Trailers, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wilbur Schult himself. We didn’t end up buying a trailer, ha-ha, but Mr. Schult encouraged us to come again, and gave us one of his catalogues that read:

“The largest selection!

Trailers priced from $248 to $985 (a little rich for our blood)

And you’ll be accorded a cordial greeting and intelligent service.”

I smiled at the “intelligent service” part because the young fella we talked to wasn’t sure of the difference between a Prairie Schooner and a Caravan. Frances just laughed about that.

Oh, and today I bought a tin of Bucklen’s Arnica Salve for 25¢ because it claims it will cure cuts, boils, chilblains, gangrene, piles, bruises and burns. But really I bought it because it says it will make my skin feel like velvet and glorify my face. I’m not sure how a salve that says it “positively cures piles’ is also good for the face, but who am I to argue?

Finally, we spent the late part of the afternoon picnicking by the Elkhart River. It’s a beautiful river and they say it’s full of fish of all kinds: something I know you would love.

I’ll be sorry to leave here, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. And I can see that this letter has gone on far too long, so in the meantime, I’m going to send you a postcard, and add to this letter at our next stop: Chicago and the Cubs!

Dear Harold Eckart

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