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Don’t Believe Chicken Little

By March 2, 2020April 1st, 2020Musings

The sky is not falling.

We can all catastrophize, and in today’s world, that can be easy to do.

But as panic sets in due to all that’s happening in the world right now, I offer the following reminiscences. in the spirit of seeing the sunny side of the street. I remember:

Making snow forts and mud pies, although not on the same day.
Riding on a playground carousel until you’re so dizzy you can’t stand up.
Collecting Beatles cards with the powdery pink gum whose taste lasted about 5 seconds. The Beatles…forever!
First boyfriend and that first kiss. Oh the memories.
Collecting stones and seashells.
Reading “The Secret World of Og” and “The Secret Garden” multiple times. Do I have a thing about Secret?
Drive in movies.
Drinking water from the hose.
Playing hide ‘n seek until the lights came on: our cue to head home.
I could go on and on…
Perhaps today you can conjure up a memory that will bring a smile to your face, and release you from thinking about all the things that might be worrying you. Just take a moment. Breathe. Smile.
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