Through What Filter Do You View The World?

By March 27, 2017Musings

With all that’s been happening in the world lately, it’s not unreasonable that many people are viewing the world as a dark and dangerous place.

The pain, anguish and laments are almost palpable.

And although our collective heart can break when we learn of events that are unjust, heinous and unimaginable, it’s important to realize that we are the ones holding the filter through which we see our world.

If I always wear blue lenses, and you always wear green lenses, I will believe the world is blue, and you will believe the world is green.

Who’s right?

Who’s wrong?

And if we switch lenses…then what?

And what if we remove the lenses entirely?

It is tempting to believe that the world is a dark and dangerous place when dark and dangerous things happen.

If that is happening for you right now, please stop.

Change the filter. Change the lens.

Nothing can be gained from allowing random, senseless acts to become the lens through which you view the world.

Today, allow whatever is troubling you to wash over and through you, and let it go.

You might resist.

You might say you “can’t”.

You can.

The one thing you are 100% in control of is your thoughts.

You choose your thoughts, every single day…every single moment.

Choosing thoughts that cause you pain and hold you back are like repeatedly ripping the scab off a wound, never allowing healing to take place.

Choosing thoughts that permit a glance at the pain but a focus on the moment’s possibilities will allow you to change the lens to move forward.

Pain, challenge, difficulty and injustice are part of life. But holding onto those things, and believing that they are what the world is all about creates a world of self-imposed imprisonment.

What lens do you choose to view the world?

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  • So many focus on the wrong things… And allow things they don’t control to control their emotions, time, and attention – which drains the very life, hope, and vision that could be the driver of the change they desire.

    If folks would just be the change, they could lead others by example and not by foolish talk & wasting time.

    In confusing, turbulent times – it’s the voices of getting shit done with thoughtful calm reason, coupled with calculated actions and follow-through that make a lasting difference in people’s lives and in the world.

    There’s so much opportunity in all of this chaos for those who choose to see it and seize it. Those will be the hero’s we cheer for and read about in decades to come.

    So much opportunity to make a difference in the world, and lead others to a better tomorrow.

    The life people are experiencing today is defined by their attitude & perspective. Life is what’s you make it.

    Happy Sunday, Kaarina!! 🙂

    • You are so wise my friend @markharai:disqus , and I couldn’t agree more. So great to see you here! xo

  • I think you bring up two important issues here. One comes down to how we personally view the world, in terms of “this is good” or “this is terrible.” I know lots of people who think the world is a miserable, scary, evil place and guess what…. that’s how they live their lives. It’s kind of depressing. You don’t have to be blind to problems to be able to see the positive in things, too. It’s a mindset that requires practice, because on a bad day, every stinkin’ mote of dust looks evil to me!

    Then there is the second issue, which is empathy and the ability to see the world as others do. I think part of the problem there is that people can get too stuck in “right and wrong.” And I get it. It’s exhausting to constantly try to see everything from every angle and understand things and know things. It’s a lot easier to say hey, dust is evil! And then go on eating your banana muffin. So when someone comes along and tells you why dust is also interesting you are inclined to tell them to go away. But in the grand scheme of life, one of the most important things we can do is to look at the world NOT as ourselves but as others around us might. That takes a LOT of practice and I don’t think it is taught nearly enough.

    The awesome thing is that you truly can change your view. And I hope the whole world reads this and tries it for themselves!