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Finally. My entrance to the school of medicine has been confirmed and classes commence on Monday. Mother will be so pleased as she has worried about me since I left Scotland. I’ve tried to put her mind at ease with my postcards and updates, but I know she still frets. Perhaps now, with my good news, she will stop worrying.

I think her curiosity will be piqued by this postcard. I’ve purposely not told her about the significance of the building. Let that be a secret until my next correspondence. After all, she’ll know nothing of the Chateau de Ramezay and all the treasures it houses.

The carriage driver who dropped me off was a fine chap. Very dapper in his top hat and tails. And I had the privilege of sharing the carriage with a lovely young lady who kindly shared her parasol with me, staving off the beating sun.

My first impression of the building was a tad off-putting. I couldn’t imagine why such a regal building would be surrounded by such an ugly black railing. It made the building look more like a barracks or a prison, belying the beauty of the building and its contents. And oh, those contents: ages old manuscripts, paintings, furniture and ornate decor, all whispering secrets from the past. If Montreal holds more treasures like this, I do believe we will get along famously.

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