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I Had No Idea

By July 29, 2019September 1st, 2020Postcard Vignettes

I had no idea that New York City would be as full of life as it is.

The suffragettes are out in droves placing “Join Army Navy Marines” posters in the shop windows. The streets are crowded with people, men in their straw hats and bowlers, women with their fancy cloche hats and parasols.

Yesterday I took the Broadway trolley to the Jefferson Theatre, then on to Woolworth’s for a shopping spree and sweet treats. Then on to the Statue of Liberty where I bought this postcard for you.

This city seems a world away from all that’s happening overseas but there is definitely evidence of the war here, on the streets, on the radio and in the hushed tones of private conversations.

Is it wrong of me to be enjoying myself with all that’s going on? I do wonder and worry about that.

But for now I will be content to send this postcard off to you and set my worries aside…at least for the time being.

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