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I Must Write William

I must write William to tell him of my day in Niagara Falls.

The rushing water of the Falls is breathtaking. It boggles the mind to think of the number of years the water has flowed, and how far into the future this force of nature will exist.

I picked this postcard specifically because it’s not the common photo of the Falls themselves. It’s of the Three Sisters Islands, named after the three daughters of General Parkhurst Whitney: Asenath, Angeline and Celinda Eliza. Aren’t those the most beautiful and unusual names?

William is a huge history buff so I’m sure he’ll appreciate the postcard when he learns that General Whitney was a prominent early settler of Niagara Falls New York. And it’s believed that his daughters were the first settlers to have navigated their way to the three small islands. Isn’t that grand?

My day has left me pleasantly exhausted so I’ll head back to the Imperial Hotel for high tea and a much needed rest. Despite my fatigue this vacation has been quite an adventure. I sincerely hope William’s travels were equally enjoyable, and that he’s returned home safe and sound.

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