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In Search of the Red Dome

I don’t know where Fred thinks I can find a red dome lens for his spiffy Model T. Especially since he specifies “bright red”. Like, is there anything other than bright red in a dome lens?

I see he added the word “Please” as an afterthought. He must have thought for a moment that his initial sentence was a bit too, shall we say, demanding. And I’m not sure why he included Rose in his note. She’s never liked me. She’s always seen me as a lowly salesperson, far beneath her station in life.

I remember when she haughtily spoke of the Armoury art show in November. She went on and on about one particular work – “Nude Descending a Staircase” – declaring it to be a bundle of blocks. Unrecognizable. A piece without merit.

That is, until former President Theodore Roosevelt remarked upon the painting.

Then she was all about how progressive the artist, how interesting the subject.

But enough about Rose.

I must now start my search for the Red Dome, lickety-split.

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