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Life’s Too Short Not To Have Fun

By January 2, 2017Musings

When was the last time you:

Went to a movie in a movie theatre, bought popcorn and just escaped for a few hours

Found a penny on the ground, picked it up and passed it on to someone else for “good luck”

Swung on a swing

Made a snow angel

Looked for seashells on a beach

Ate a candied apple

Went on a picnic

Played Monopoly

Drew a picture

Flew a kite

Toasted marshmallows

Rode on a merry-go-round

Splashed in puddles

Pressed leaves between the pages of a book

Skipped a stone across water

Built sand castles

Jumped in a pile of leaves

Built a tree fort

Looked at the stars

Skinny dipped

Licked the spoon

Made a wish on a dandelion puff

Skated on a pond

Finger painted

Made a fort out of blankets

Collected something

Held hands

Laughed and giggled til your sides hurt

Caught frogs or tadpoles or minnows


Found wonder in the smallest of things

Today…find the wonder. Celebrate the childlike beauty of doing things that bring you joy. Put on your superhero cape.

Skip, run, jump, nap, eat and play. Build a bit of that wonder into each and every day.

Life’s too short not to have fun.

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