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Nothing To Do But Eat and Sleep, Miss Lottie

The trip back home was long and tiring.

We’d spent a lovely time in Thirlmere, hiking the great coniferous forest by day, boating in the reservoir in early evening and snuggling down to sleep in our cozy cabin each evening.

The place was idyllic. It looked just like this postcard Lottie.

I really didn’t want to come home.

The highlight for me was the hike we made from Wythburn Church to Helvellyn. The church itself was a quaint little stone structure that they say was built in 1640.

Although we didn’t go in, we were able to admire the lovely stained glass windows that shone magnificently in the sunlight.

Someone told us that if we were lucky, the reflection from those windows might gift us with the opportunity to see a red deer somewhere along our travels.

I thought they were pulling my leg. Who’s ever seen a red deer? But I kept that thought with me, with eyes wide open for the entire hike. Never saw even one.

I know you’ll be awful busy right now, what with all the work going on at the Tillsonburg Mill.

But me? After I finish this postcard I’m off to dreamland. Perhaps that’s where I’ll see that red deer.

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