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On The Zuider Zee

Adie, you would love it here.

The Isle of Marken is so quaint. The island is filled with little wooden houses of all different colours, supported on sticks or mounds of earth, I suppose to keep them above the waters of the Zuider Zee.

You’d think everyone here was wearing costumes, but it’s their regular clothing. The women always wear a long apron over their even longer skirt, their head covered in a lovely type of bonnet. The men wear what look like balloon pants that go only to their knees. And everyone wears wooden clogs. I can’t imagine they’d be comfortable. But I must find and buy myself a pair to try out and bring home.

This has been a trip of a lifetime Adie. Nothing like back home’s hustle and bustle.

I will bring you a souvenir hanky and maybe even a pair of clogs. Lots of Love, Betty.

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