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Raindrop Thoughts and How We View People

By August 30, 2017Musings

This morning I lay in bed, listening to the rain on the roof.

It started as a soft symphony. A gentle pattering, barely perceptible.

And just when I thought the rain was about to stop, a drumming of raindrops pummelled the roof,  sounding like a thousand horses’ hooves.

And it made me wonder…is each raindrop, like each snowflake…unique?

Does each one have its own shape, character and distinction?

And that got me thinking about people vs. person.

How many times do we consider people in the same way we consider rain and snow? One big amorphous mass…Rain…Snow…People.

And that brought to mind a graphic (I can’t remember the source) I’d used years ago when I was coaching athletes. One that I used to demonstrate clearly that when we consider people to be all the same, it looks like this:

When in actual fact, it looks like this:

The next time you’re tempted to make sweeping statements about people, putting them all into one big category, I encourage you to remember these pictures.

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