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The Shoot-Out in Atlantic City

I can’t believe I’m sitting just steps away from where “Creepy” Karpis had his shoot-out with the cops. How does Public Enemy #1 escape from something like that?

And they’re still talking about Charles Myers’ suicide. I don’t understand why the owner of the Breakers Hotel would off himself when he’s worth millions.

But away from all that intrigue, I’m enjoying myself immensely here at the Hotel Dennis. I can see why they call it America’s all year resort. I’m sitting in the lounge with its unmatched view of the boardwalk and the Atlantic. The solarium is beautiful. Outside, it’s a crayon box of colour with the flowers and umbrellas and cabanas. I can’t believe this place started out as a two-room guest house. I think there are now more than five hundred rooms in the place.

You were so good, Shirley, to let me have some time off. It’s been such fun, but I’m happy to be heading off to New York before the huge doctors’ convention and regatta later this month. I am, however, a tad sad that I won’t be here for the Miss America pageant.

You’ll be happy to know that the feud among the three rivals is over…at least for the time being. V and McB and J were simply intolerable for the first few days. But after some sun and sand and cocktails they became right old chums. Amazing what a few diablos, gin fizzes and rob boys can do to smooth the waters. Personally, I think it was Hemingway’s “death in the afternoon” cocktail that clinched it.

But enough of this. Time to write Shirley and thank him for letting me take this vacation.

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