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By April 6, 2018Musings

I saw today a word I’d never seen before, and it drew me in.

Solivagant – noun: a lone wanderer/ adjective: characterized by lone wandering

One might think the word would imply loneliness, but I think it just means alone, not lonely.

Many of my travels are solivagant wanderings.

I seldom know the path I’ll take until I’m on it, and even then it’s my feet and spirit that propel me, rather than a pre-determined path or trail or roadway.

I think there’s something about being a solivagant that relates to my love of wabi-sabi: perfection in imperfection and impermanence.

The sense of wonder I feel when I’m truly in the moment, seeing things that others might choose not to see.

Respecting and revering the tiniest thing or fleeting moment.

There’s a sense of peace and calm that is the solivagant way.

Today I learned a word

previously unheard.

Unknown, unseen,

peeled like a grape

to experience its sweet centre.


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