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Something new

By January 22, 2022Musings


Today I’m writing this post directly on my computer. Or perhaps more aptly, I’m typing this…or keyboarding this. But then again, maybe it is still writing…or creating.

You see, everything I write I write longhand on lined paper, using my favourite pen. I find that the thoughts and words come easily as my pen glides over the paper. I like the look of longhand writing. I feel a part of the process.

What do I feel right now?

I feel like this is definitely quicker. My fingers dance on the keys as my brain keeps up with the keystrokes.

I’m a fast typer. Yes, I said typer because I took typing (and shorthand) in high school and my fingers still can fly over the keys with nary a glance at the keyboard. Which serves me well in all the work I do. But is it serving me well when I sit down to “write”?

Some say writing longhand is a right-brain creative process whereas keyboarding is a left-brain logical process. That is, if one believes the right-brain, left-brain theories. And for me, I think that’s true. As I sit here typing (yes, I said typing) I don’t feel the same sense of ease and enjoyment that comes with writing longhand.

I think back to grade school days when we had to practice our cursive writing in booklets of lined paper with pale blue covers. I loved that. I’d look at the alphabet posted above the blackboard, the capital letters followed by lower case letters, all so beautiful and perfect, slanted at just the right angle, uniform in height, flowing and almost lyrical.

My grade one teacher was Mrs. Baldwin. She was a stout, grey-haired woman who wore sensible shoes and plain dresses. She carried a pointer in her hand…always. She used that pointer to point things out. (yes, that’s feeble) She was a very encouraging teacher who saw the best in us, even when we weren’t giving our best. I credit her with sparking my love of writing longhand.

Writing this post on the keyboard is indeed something new. But my pen and paper beckon for the next time.

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