Still Waiting At The Church

He promised to meet me. Fool that I am, I believed him. But Louis has always been prone to making promises unkept. Why would today have been any different?

Earlier I’d bought some lovely sweets at Hochschild Kohn, as well as a new pair of gloves and a very smart hat. The hat is pale lavender with a little veil and rosebuds ’round the brim. When I tried it on I knew it would be perfect…and it is.

I found a postcard as well. The beauty of the architecture of Hochschild’s is so lovely, and I like the fact that you can see the horse drawn carts in the background. Their splendid yellow and black colours make me think of lemons, especially with their bright yellow wheels.

I wish I could have ridden in one of the delivery carts to the church, but I suppose that wouldn’t have been right. Instead, I settled for the bus. And now, after patiently waiting for Louis’ arrival I realize he is not going to show.

I leave the sweets on the church steps, adjust my hat and gloves and make my way back to the city. And I know exactly what I’ll write on the postcard. Perhaps Louis will finally feel embarrassed about another promise unkept.

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