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Surely He’ll Come for Essie ~ Part 2

By June 5, 2016October 2nd, 2016Postcard Vignettes

Essie Part 2

Everything is a complete and utter mess. Cousin Roy is being his usual selfish self, and there is something peculiar going on with him. I believe it has something to do with Essie.

But perhaps that’s just my imagination working overtime. After all, the scandal that would be created is almost unimaginable.

Olive needs to be here. Eva simply can’t handle things all by herself, and I know I can’t share in a postcard what’s really going on.

Why oh why can’t Roy be reasonable?

Maybe Olive knows something more than the rest of us do. After all, she’s much closer to Essie. If there’s something sneaky going on, Olive might just know more than she’s telling.

But that would be absurd. Unthinkable really.

So why am I thinking it?

That’s it. Olive must come to see me and straighten out this whole Roy-Essie mystery before the rest of the family gets wind of it.

After all, Grace is Roy’s wife.

postcard to Olive

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