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Surely He’ll Come for Essie

By May 27, 2016October 2nd, 2016Postcard Vignettes

Dear Roy

I am angry.

Roy is playing his usual cat-and-mouse game with me and I have had enough.

So many decisions need to be made that, without Roy’s input, cannot be made.

I’m tired and frustrated.

I feel like a juggler trying to keep everyone appeased as the family comes to me for answers.

Why do they think I have the answers?

After all, I’d rarely seen Grace after the incident. We hadn’t spoken in months. I didn’t even know she’d been ill.

But here I am surrounded by family, many of whom are like strangers to me.  Yet for some unknown reason they turn to me. For what? Why?

It should be Roy who is here. I curse him for his cavalier attitude and wanton ways, especially at a time like this.

I will issue him an ultimatum.

He needs to be at the house on Saturday, simple as that. I will not see to arrangements that are his to make. I’ll tempt him by letting him know that Essie will be there. That will be the corker, for surely he’ll come for Essie.

From Eva

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