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The Falling Out

I’m not really sure exactly when the falling out happened. We’d always been close with the Syfher family. That is, until Annie married Jerome Suartz.

After the wedding we had little to do with the Syfher’s, even though we tried on occasion to keep in touch. Our only recent contact was when we took a chance and called on them when our auto was in for minor repairs. The visit was cordial but cool. But I won’t make mention of the iciness of that visit to Annie, as that will only raise her hackles and cause even more tension between she and her family.

It’s a blessing that Jerome’s family treats Annie with respect, and tolerates her side whenever the occasion calls for it.

Annie mentioned no details of Christmas in her card, so I will assume it was only a Suartz family gathering. Otherwise I believe she might have shared some nasty gossip with me.

As 1916 draws to a close, I”m glad for the good times we all had, and pray that 1917 will be a time of reunion and reconciliation for Annie and her family.

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