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The Smiling Tree

By January 4, 2016August 29th, 2017Random Treasures
The Smiling Tree

The Smiling Tree

Beside the sidewalk for all to see

Knotted and weathered, the smiling tree.

People passed by, seeing not much

Heads buried down in technology’s clutch.

Others too hurried to bother to look

Minds clearly elsewhere, not present, forsook.

Until a young child came upon smiling tree

She tugged at her mother “Look mom and see”.

“Look at the tree it’s so happy to be

Standing so strong and smiling at me.”

Her mother looked up, she paused and stood still

Knowing her mind had been elsewhere until

Her daughter so wisely was present and saw

The beauty of nature, a moment of awe.

The mom realized she’d been absent yet there

And vowed from now on to be present and care.

They walked away slowly, the child turned and blinked

When she thought for a moment the smiling tree winked.

A gentle reminder to be present, because this is the only moment there is, and then poof!…it’s gone

“Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.” ~ Mancius

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