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The Year of Lost and Found

By June 28, 2021Musings

It wasn’t a war. Or at least not a war in the known sense. No guns. No bombs. No battle lines. It was a war of a different sort.

Humanity united, not divided, against an unseen foe.

It wasn’t until later that battle lines did get drawn.

The pros and the cons.

The for’s and the against’s.

But in between, a common enemy, a common purpose.

The sounds in our ears and the voices that spoke to us made sense, for a time.

Then the wires got scrambled and it was anyone’s guess as to who and what and how we’d muster through.

The losses were real. But other losses were invisible. Unseen by so many but all the while, experienced by so many. It all became so much white noise.

And then a lightening. A sense of recovery and rejuvenation. Much like a whisper, the mantle of darkness was quietly lifting, slowly and steadily. What was lost perhaps could now be found.



A new horizon.

A kinder, gentler world.

“You may say I’m a dreamer…” ~ John Lennon

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