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They Called It “Burnham’s Folly”

Dear Mary,

I hope this postcard will cheer you up. I¬†know you’ve been feeling poorly.

But I also know you’ve always been fascinated by the lovely Flatiron building, so I bought this postcard especially for you.

It’s such a uniquely shaped building. Some people feared that, based on its very shape, the whole building could easily fall down. During its construction the newspapers couldn’t stop talking about it, calling it “Burnham’s Folly”, after architect Daniel Burnham.

But they were wrong.

This beauty of a building stands tall and proud. No wonder it’s the subject of so many photographers, paintings and postcards.

I wish you were here with me to see it.

When you’re feeling better we’ll take the trolley and have afternoon tea at the Flatiron. It will be a lovely adventure.

Until then, keep well.

Your loving Lena.

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