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I Thought It Would Take Some Arm-Twisting

I’d hoped to hear from Fern some time soon.

When she left she was still somewhat bereft. Her plans had gone awry when her beau left her standing at the altar. And even though that awful day happened months ago, I know her heart has not yet healed.

I tried so hard to be there for her, as did her family. But no amount of consoling words and late nights spent in tea and company did any good.

When I contacted my cousins in Westmoreland and explained the situation, they were more than happy to open their home to Fern and allow her to stay at their quaint cottage on the water. And knowing my cousins as I do, I knew there would be parties and socials galore, as well as time for boating on the lake. The views from Lowes Waters are breathtaking.

I thought it would take some arm-twisting to convince Fern that a jolly holiday away would do her mind and spirit good. But she surprised me by agreeing to it quite quickly.

As I helped her pack I could see that she was trying to move on. It was wonderful to see her smile again, even if only occasionally, as we picked the outfits most suitable for the journey. I said a silent thank you to my cousins for making it all possible.

“Do you really think I’ll be needing all these clothes? After all, I’m sure there can’t possibly be all the parties and socials you tell me of.”

I laughed and said “You have no idea! You will be the belle of the ball, and the invitations will no doubt come pouring in once the locals hear of your arrival. The hospitality of the people of Westmoreland knows no bounds.”

As I drove Fern to the train station I could see the clouds of doubt in her face, and the sadness that had not yet left her was clinging to her like a rain-soaked slicker.

I patted her hand and said: “Please don’t be sad. What’s done is done. Your future awaits, and I know that this trip will do you a world of good.”

And I was right.

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