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We’d Better Write Soon

With everything happening overseas Aunt Sadie must be getting worried about us.

The news comes in daily of the war, and although we seem far removed, we are not. I think Aunt Sadie worries about us working too hard, but we must. It is our duty.

The rationing has made it difficult to get food and necessities, but Lily and I manage to get by on our meagre provisions. I know we should write to Sadie, but what to say? That we’re managing along just fine despite our long days at work? That we come home bone weary but proud of the work we do?

When I looked at the picture postcard I felt such a strange sense of wonder. That a room as opulent and refined could exist in a world of mayhem seems surreal.

One can only imagine the scenes of destruction across the sea.

Chandeliers and velvet drapes on one side of the world. Crumbling buildings, lost lives and loves on the other.

We’d better write soon.

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