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What Would I Be Doing Rather Than This?

By March 6, 2023Musings

“What would I be doing rather than this?”

That was the question.

I wasn’t sure if it was rhetorical, or if my friend who was asking the question was going to provide an answer.

It was rhetorical.

But it got me to thinking: “What would I be doing rather than this?”

And if I turned the words around, would my answer be different if I asked myself  “What would I rather be doing than this?”

Would I be writing a story rather than doing my taxes?

Or would I rather be writing a story than doing my taxes?

You see the difference?

The first example is action oriented. I’d have made a choice to write, rather than doing my taxes.

The second example is action oriented as well, but I’m doing something (taxes) when I’d rather be doing something else (writing).

How many times have we chosen to do something when we’d rather be doing something else?

And if that choice is because it’s timely or a “need to do now”, of course that makes sense.

But if that choice is because we’re not doing what we really want to do, why do we make that choice?

Today I thought about what I’d rather be doing.

And since I’m here, you know the choice I made.

Write on.

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