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Who Deciphered the Postcard?


I received this postcard from Byron and I have no clue as to what it says. Byron has always been a jokester, as well as a chap who loves crossword puzzles and mystery clues. I’m sure he thought he was being very clever by sending me this scrambled message, on top of which his tiny printing makes it difficult to see. I had to take out my spy glass just to read the letters.

But I remain perplexed.

I’m going to see if my neighbour Carolyn can help me out. I just hope Byron hasn’t said anything naughty or too personal in his message. I slip on my jacket and walk to my neighbour’s house, knock on the door and cross my fingers that Carolyn is home.

“Lily, what a pleasant surprise. I’ve just made some tea. Do come in and join me.”

I follow Carolyn into the house, hang my jacket on the hook by the door and remove the postcard from my jacket pocket.

“Carolyn, this may seem an odd request, but I’ve just received a postcard from Byron and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I’m hoping you might be able to decipher it.”

“Let me pour you a cup of tea, and let’s see.”

I hand the postcard to Carolyn, sip my tea and watch as Carolyn’s eyes scrutinize the printing.

After several moments she looks up, smiles brightly and says, “I’ve got it! Here’s what is says:”

Have just seenĀ Aunt and K off. Darling it was lovely to get yours this morning. You must not go up to London tomorrow unless on business. It would be so nice for you to get to the meeting. Hope you will have a nice time. Best, Love from your chum.

“I can’t decipher the first words, but I’m happy to have been able to solve the mystery for you.”

She hands back the postcard, but I remain perplexed. I still don’t see it. Do you?

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