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Why the Hurry?

By May 2, 2016October 2nd, 2016Postcard Vignettes

Why the Hurry?
It’s Pow-wow’s birthday this week.

I wonder if my nickname for her still makes her smile? Miss Elizabeth Powers…a pow full of wow. We’ve certainly experienced life together and done some daring things in our day. I’m not so sure that she’ll conjure up the same type of mischief on her birthday without me.

But then, I’ve been up to my own sort of mischief. Getting engaged to Harry was the highlight of my summer. And with a wedding date of ¬†October 3rd, there’s little time for planning and preparation. But then again: the date cannot be put off.

In reading Emily Post’s Etiquette Rules, I’ve steered away from a Friday, as superstition says it’s an unlucky day for a wedding. And since it’s apparently fashionable to have the wedding at noon, I do think that makes for a perfect time for my nuptials.

I can only imagine the questions the girls will have for me.

How did he propose?

Did you say yes right away?

Will we be invited to the wedding?

But there’s one question I dread the most.

Why the hurry?

Dear Pow-wow

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